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GraphTerm Release Notes

0.33.0 (Sep. 30, 2012)

  • Added references to GraphTerm mailing list/Twitter account
  • Added Troubleshooting FAQ
  • Added sample slideshows using glandslide
  • Implemented glandslide, GraphTerm-aware version of landslide slideshow presenter.
  • Factored out ace/ckeditor, to be loaded on demand. This significantly speeds up initial load, and allows any editor to be easily embedded using the editor API. Also implemented presenter API using inter-frame communication.
  • Implemented /osh/web/user JS console for GraphTerm
  • gvi can explicitly choose between ace/ckeditor (for WYSIWYG HTML editing)
  • Improved gls column handling
  • Implemented gscript for saving/running scripted commands
  • Added ec2launch option to copy and install source tarball

0.32.0 (Sep. 15, 2012)

  • Now works on Raspberry Pi out-of-the-box!
  • Added CKEditor (doubled size of package)
  • Much improved iPad experience (bottom menu on by default; CKEditor for gvi editing; bold theme)
  • Updated screenshots
  • Revamped ec2launch and ec2list for EC2 cluster management
  • Clicking on image in gls output now displays image inline
  • Popup help display for forms
  • --key_secret option for HMAC digest server-host authentication

0.31.0 (Sep. 9, 2012)

  • Updated screenshots and documentation
  • Replaced broken gweather with yweather (for inline forecasts)
  • Better popups/alerts
  • Added Control A-E-K to Bottom menu
  • Improved Unicode output
  • Version checks for API
  • Improved ec2launch to autostart gtermserver and install PyLab

0.30.9 (Aug 26, 2012):

  • Updated documentation
  • Syntax for gtermhost command has changed slightly
  • Action->Export Environment to use GraphTerm across SSH logins
  • to demo inline plotting using matplotlib
  • Wildcard session names for multiplexed stdin and stout (oshell-only)
  • gotrace command to use otrace with any python program (including those reading from stdin)
  • Clear terminal option
  • giframe command to display files, URLs and HTML from stdin
  • Transient blob storage for images and inline matplotlib output
  • Capture interactive feedback using GRAPHTERM_SOCKET
  • Modified command recall handling
  • Fixed invisible widget overlay bug

0.30.8 (Aug 15, 2012):

First public release + many quick fixes

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